Lanette Kauten
I am Lanette Kauten, author of one published novel with more to come. 
I grew up in the suburbs of Dallas, TX, and moved all the way over to the next county… so, not very far. In high school, I was a serious and determined student with the goal of becoming a psychologist. However, an artistic desire awakened inside me during my late teens, and I became enamored with artists of all strains, and Deep Ellum became a home for my soul.

After a couple of years, I realized I would have to grow up eventually (actually, my mom realized that for me), so I went to nursing school and once again became a serious and determined student. While in school, I became fascinated with research, and after a few years of working as a floor nurse, I went into nephrology research and loved it!

Because just about everything interests me, I eventually picked up my long-dead hobby of writing, which I’m happy to say is now a budding career.
I write what's considered to be upmarket or accessible literary novels. I love exploring life and the psyche of those who manage this day to day existence through whatever trauma I happen to throw at my characters.


“There was a time when art was about craftsmanship and reproducing the natural beauty of creation. In many instances now, art seeks to alter or distort our reality in order to create a reality that’s purely fantasy.” 
Tanya Falgoust